The 90 seconds Pitch ‘The Problem’

The Kickoff, Roice Fulton presenting the problem:

The fight against infectious disease is at a crossroads. After decades of delays, we are finally seeing global commitments to developing new antibiotics and vaccines to combat many of the world’s greatest killers.

But if we want to create demand for these new drugs, we need to be able to trust that they work. And unfortunately, around the world, fake medications still kill up to a million people each year.

So look at it through the patient’s eyes. What happens when those new drugs and vaccines don’t work the way they should? What happens you’re fighting malaria, or tuberculosis, or HIV, and you lose faith in the medicines that promise to heal you? If we lose your trust, we risk losing society’s trust – and the world loses the fight.

We’re not going to let that happen.

Last year, the Breaking Good team spent a weekend together hacking solutions to better detect counterfeit drugs. This year, the Chain Safety Investigators are taking it a step further – integrating these new innovations directly into the drug and vaccine supply chains.

The solutions we’re exploring will help us better detect fraud and misuse quickly, cheaply, and transparently. Most importantly, it’ll free health workers to focus on what matters most – healing patients. And in the end, it’s these little victories that will build the world’s confidence that we can win this fight.