CSI’s team Day 3, Oct 16 2016

9:00 am RECAP


Name of the platform: OPENCS
Name of the App: ChainSafe
Website domain name: chainsafe.org

The recap gave us an update on the progress of the work carried during the last 2 days and the challenges encountered so far: Every team member had 2 minutes to share, the fb status, the feeling about the project, update on the worked done and what would they do next, during the morning:

Vivian: my status is: I am waking up, feeling very happy.

“I worked on Business Case and presentation, I feel we are half way through on both. This morning, I will be finalizing the narrative of the presentation. There are two working documents that need to merged to be consistent and expressing the same messages. We need a narrative of the technical solution, this is a priority and define the name of the product”.

Narrative for the video: Vojtech

Peter: my status is: eating ‘Frenchie’ breakfast, feeling excited.

“I worked on a visualization, database nodes, timings to show how the product is distributed in the supply chain and identify possible anomalies in the distribituion,  the work is 90% is done. This morning will work with Viacheslav on an ”Interactive” visualization. After this, I can support on the presentation. I think we would need a section of ‘problem-solutions fit’ for the presentation and add a bit of technical perspective”.

Viacheslav: my status is: waking up and feeling good.

“Yesterday I worked on the part of the receiving the data for the QR code, that was later integrated with other parts and it is now done. One of the challenges is how far are we going with this? Sacha adds that we need at least first and last step,  we will have to skip the various points in between. I will on the interactive vizualization and anything else that will be needed. I will also work on the attack vectors and challenge the model to identify areas of weaknesses.

Sacha: my status is: fully awake, feeling we are moving slow but in a good direction!

“My  work is focused on the back end (this is where we store the data), so yesterday I coded, come up with db schema, found the minimum set of features that allow the user app communicate and  access data from other devices. I am aiming at being done by noon today. We still need to know if it works when it is integrated with the app (retrieve from the server).”

Alex: my status is: eating m&m’s, Feeling good.

“Yesterday the main work to was create the story and the graphics needed to produce the video, so far the progress is about 50%, I will need about 2 hours to finish everything but I need alignment with the narrative. We need to start working with the audio to integrate in the video. We also need to decide what to do with the solution part – connect wth problem-solution fit that Peter will be working on”

Vojtech: my status is: Exited hyped! We are so close!!

“Yesterday, I worked on the app front-end part, this interacts with the user, I did the visuals, the scanning, the history (all drugs you scanned before) where it tells you if the drug in genuine or whether it is expired or counterfeit. When you look at the details, you will see, who produced it, when it was produced etc… below that you can see what is happening. This case shows: the product is PRODUCED-PACKAGED-RECEIVED (DIFF FACILITIES)- TESTED AND SOLD TO THE END USER. Now, I need to continue with the user education, raising awareness on the illegitimate vaccines, how to detect it, check for the expiration, an introduce the problematics of counterfeit. I see no real challenges, Sacha has helps overcome the few  of those by asking the right questions, at the right time. I will finalize the app I need about 30 min. (finsih coding), after this:

We should design few use cases that demonstrate what are the pssibilites, how it will look in real life;

We need pictures of medicines as I cannot use internet photos;

We need to generate and print QR codes, I think Nikos will do that;

We also need the QR reader in the application, the library needs to be defined, find how it is used and then integrate;

We also need to link with the back-end to the app as it is still separate. Someone needs to compile it and tested on a real phone.

There is nothing that is holding back from progress. I will finish the tutorial and then record the video narrative”

Nikos: My status is: Sleepy, had a hard time waking up, between excited and nervous.

Yesterday, I worked on the app that produces and registers the QR code, and parts of the mobile app that verifies the QR code. These things are done. Now, we need implement the QR reader in the app that will feed the verifier which is ready. I is trivial but I need to work with someone else to speed things up (about 45 min). I will the make the link between the app and the back-end with Sacha. I will be happy to be involve in the presentation preparation.  I could use more knowledge/expertise and human resources.

Grace: My status is: energized and feeling optimistic!

“I encouraged the team to engage in a discussion of ‘Problem-Solution fit’, it was meant to get us all on the same page. I also worked on the story for the presentation, defining the structure and identifying the key messages. I also worked with Alex on the video, designing and sequencing to match the narrative. Today, I need to checked with the final narrative before Vojtech start recording. I will also work on the website and keeping track of the progress and prioritizing tasks to be ready for our presentation this afternoon. Challenges ahead of us is integration, testing and finalizing the presentation to be ready for delivery.

Missing status from Roice.