Live updates @ the Hackathon

CSI’s team Day 2

Mid-term Report pier71-csi-team-midterm-final   Problem-Solution Fit Problem easy to copy packaging sell products that contain no active ingredient Non-existent Traceability Unknown and unchecked expiration date Paper intensive process, creates overhead Doctors are doing logistics work No information available at all levels of decision making systems are not integrated User cannot identify a fake drug/vaccine Admin … Continue reading CSI’s team Day 2

CSI team’s first day: Friday Oct 14

Approach to understanding the problem and start drafting the solution - Tasks/Deliverables Identification stakeholders workload: effort and tech feasibility Info to be stored in Vials: what is important to end users Definition and Development of App - User Interface Backend implementation (architecture): Flask, mySQL and Apache Business Case: validation, use cases, cost, informatics, problem-soluion fit, … Continue reading CSI team’s first day: Friday Oct 14

Drug and Vaccine Supply Chain

Why do supply chains matter? It is through the supply chain that a drug or a vaccine reach the end user at the right time, in the right place and in the right condition. It includes all personnel, systems, equipment, and activities involved in ensuring that drugs and vaccines are effectively delivered from the point of … Continue reading Drug and Vaccine Supply Chain

Solutions: Input from Leon Blockchain Hub

Collaborators from Leon, Spain: Alex Casas and Leo Alvarez from Leon Blockchain HUB contributed to the team with these schemas which provided great insight to start developing the solution. Thanks for your support and valuable input! We look forward to more collaboration with the Leon Hub Blockchain